BeYoke -
Your Wings

BeYoke Capital will
Connect Capital to Aviation
for Better Future

Our Goal

We will contribute to enhance the presence of Japanese capital as integrated part of the global aviation finance.


Business Overview

Aircraft Investment broking

Providing investment opportunities to Japanese investors.

Aircraft investment ongoing management

Assisting investment products daily operation for Japanese investors.

Assisting fund raising in Japan

Support Airlines and Lessors around the world leveraging the Japanese financial market.

Why BeYoke?

We will sincerely work with you to tackle your challenges based on the experience and trust we have cultivated in the industry over many years.

Quick Response

Our strength is mobility, ability to react and respond to your requests in a timely manner.

Experienced Staff

We will be a Meister to you with 20+ years of experience in domestic and international financial institutions. BeYoke is committed to quality of service.

Achievements and Network

We will enhance our output leveraging our domestic and international networks based on the trust backed by our past achievements.